Four Week silver jewellery course - £160

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Explore a new method every week in this 4 week immersive workshop. This is an ideal way to try out different methods of silversmithing and jewellery making.

Week 1: Carve a wax pendant or charm
Learn an age old art, which has been used by jewellers for thousands of years, to carve your dream charm in wax. The charm will later be sent off to an expert caster to create a mould which will then be filled with silver. Turning your creation to jewellery! Your charms will take 3-4 weeks to return.

Week 2: Karma loop pendant
Delve into the world of hand fabrication silversmithing, where you’ll learn how to make jewellery from pieces of solid sterling silver. You’ll learn about soldering with a blowtorch, filing the silver, finishing, polishing and hammering to add a sparkly texture. All of these techniques can be used to create many types of silver jewellery.

Week 3: Hand sawn silhouettes
Learn how to use one of the most important tools of the trade, the jewellers saw. Cut out an array of shapes and silhouettes in copper first, and then pick your favourite to replicate in sterling silver sheet. You can then have this turned this into a bag charm, pendant, earrings, brooch etc.

Week 4: Metal stamping and open ended ring
Create a beautiful sterling silver ring using an assortment of stamps and hammers to add your desired pattern. We’ll start by practicing our designs in brass and copper before moving onto silver.

Whats included? : All materials are included for this workshop. Optional materials may be offered for some of your classes if you would like to make extra items during your class time. This will be available on the day for a small fee.
Where is it?: This class is located in our brand new studio at 34 Regent Street, L3 7BN.
What will I need to bring?: Glasses if you have them, something to tie back long hair, closed toe shoes and please do not wear any floaty or loose clothing.