Make a silver pendant workshop - £55

During this pendant making workshop you’ll be guided on how to make a sterling silver pendant in your choice of design. You’ll learn how to use various silversmithing tools to create this and the most important of all will be the piercing saw. We’ll use this to cut out your desired shape by hand.

You’ll stamp, hammer, texture and finish your piece by hand using various types of hammers, doming tools, pattern stamps and possibly even the rolling mill, which you can use to imprint fabrics, leaves and papers into your silver.

Once your happy with your piece we’ll drill a hole, add a loop of silver and string it up on a chain ready for you to wear or gift to someone.

You’ll also make a practice pendant in this workshop in copper which most people choose to turn into a keyring.

What’s included: All materials are included
Skill level required: None! Complete beginners welcome
What to bring: Glasses (If you have them), Closed toe shoes, Something to tie back long hair and no floaty clothing