Metal Clay Workshop - Botanical Charms

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Silver clay looks and feels just like ordinary clay however it is packed with very fine silver particles mixed with a non toxic organic binder. We'll form the clay into jewellery, dry the clay and then fire with a blowtorch and polish your pieces

Create multiple pieces of jewellery in a half day workshop. We'll take multiple moulds of natural items such as small flowers, shells, stones, seed, pods and leaves. These will all make beautiful moulds so that you can create a copy of your chosen objects. You'll also get to take all of your moulds home.

You will be supplied with 10g of metal clay and if your charms and pendants aren't too big this should be enough to create around 3-5 silver charms. Additional clay can be purchased on the day. 

We'll provide a range of , shells, leaves, flowers and other things which can be used for mould making or impressions but feel free to bring along your own items too

£95 per person