5 Day silversmithing summer school

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Day 1

Part one - Creating a set of rings -

Using our guide projects, you will create a set of 3 unique rings to wear together or separately. This portion of the workshop is similar to our stacking ring workshop but far more complex and varied in design options.  This will cover most basic silversmithing techniques to familiarise you with the workshop, the tools and some of the techniques we’ll be going into depth with over the coming days.

Part two - Making a wide and heavy silver band.

Using different tools and methods you’ll learn how to make a ring using much thicker and heavier silver wire. You’ll learn to refine the ring to a comfort fit band, finish with various emery papers and polish to a high lustrous polish so bright you’ll be able to see your own reflection.

This portion of the workshop will focus heavily on using silver which is too thick to work solely by hand and how to refine and finish your work to a professional standard.


Day 2 - Sawing, piercing and making findings

Sawing is such an essential part of being a silversmith. By sawing out you can create absolutely stunning works of wearable art by making scenes, landscapes, silhouettes, intricate patterns, details and so much more. Sawing is also required in most silversmithing jobs for removing metal and cutting metal to length.

We’ll also take a look at which saw frame is right for you, which blades are needed for your project, what to look for when buying sawblades along with all the basics of using a saw.

Part one -
We’ll start by learning to saw out aluminium as its a soft metal which is easy to learn with.

Part two -
Once you have become confident with aluminium we think you’re ready we’ll practice in copper which has very similar properties to silver.

Part three -
You’ll now use what you have learnt to map out something for you to make using sheet silver and saw out something you’ll design your self. You’ll then use what you learnt on the “silver findings” section of day one to make your piece wearable.


Day 3

Learn the art of soldering on day three by making a beautiful Long necklace made up of hand made links, you can choose to finish your links however you like, by using our rolling mill to pattern your links or our extensive range of hammers to add a unique design. This workshop will cover making multiple matching loops, soldering a chain, creating a feature clasp, cleaning up soldered jump rings, polishing your chain and many more skills.