Technique Improvement Classes

These classes are perfect for those who have begun their silversmithing journey and are becoming stuck on specific techniques and skills. All classes come with guides and crib sheets for you to take home on the day.


Master the jewellers saw - £40

This class will address the issues you’re having with your saw frame so you’ll be sawing like a pro in no time. We’ll show you our favourite frames, blades and give you some handy tips for easier sawing.

Learning to polish jewellery

Perfect your polishing - £40

Be taken through a huge array of polishing options to find one that suits you and your budget as well as learning about soldering health and safety.

How to solder silver class

Skilful soldering - £40

For solder that just won’t flow, ends up everywhere or joins popping open. Bring along the pieces you’re struggling with and we’ll take a look at why and how to correct it. We’ll also show you our favourite tips and tricks for soldering.