Silversmithing Meet-up - £10

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Meet other like minded silversmiths and jewellery makers at our informal meet-ups. Work on your own projects at your own pace whilst having the company of other people. Everyone is at a different stage in their jewellery making path so there’s no need to be anxious. Just bring your own materials and all the tools will be provided. You’ll need your own solder and consumables too excluding polish and mops.

Our little gatherings usually last around 3 hours and you’re more than welcome to come and go as you please during this time.

At the end of each month we’ll gather up all of the money taken from these workshops and collectively decide what to spend it on, i.e a new Fretz hammer, more flush cutters, another polishing machine.

If you’d like to know If we have the tools to suit your project just drop us a message.

You’ll need a special code to book onto this as its only for people who are able to work completely unattended and unsupervised. Drop us a message at noctuajewellery@gmail.com or 07471808899 to get your code, you may need to provide proof of your work first. If you book on with the wrong password you’ll be refunded and will need to contact us first to re-book once we’ve spoken to you and are certain in your capabilities.

Once booked you have up until 14 days before our meet-up date to request a transferral to another date if you cannot attend. As we only have 4-5 spaces on each group meeting we need to ensure that they don’t end up empty with people not turning up, it wouldn’t be much of a social meeting then!