4 Week silversmithing course

4 Week silversmithing course


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What’s included - Everything is provided for the projects listed. Extra metal can be purchased on the day if you would like to make your projects larger than advised.
Difficulty level - Beginner
Class duration - 2.5 hours approx, classes may run up to an hour longer.
Time - 6.30pm every Thursday starting on the 3rd of October for 4 weeks
Location - Noctua studio, 34 Regent st, L3 7BN

Explore real, hands on silversmithing for one night a week for four weeks in this series of creative workshops. Scroll down to see the itinerary week by week.

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Week 1

Get a feel for our workshop and play around with all of our different tools. We’ll introduce you to the basics of silversmithing to forge something small and simple using a variety of tools including, hammers, anvils, steel blocks, jewellers saw, drill, decorative stamps, blowtorch and many other fascinating tools. We’ll show you how to create a small piece of silver jewellery using many decorative techniques to allow you to be come accustomed to the workshop tools


Week 2

On week 2 we’ll focus on making a perfect ring with the option to add a stone to your ring. Learn how to perfectly calculate the amount of silver needed to make rings in various sizes, how to cut the metal, form into a ring shape, hammer, solder, file, buff, polish and finally set your stone. You’ll have the option to use new and exciting techniques to decorate your ring and make it completely personal and unique to you.


Week 3

In this workshop we’ll show you how to master the jewellers saw, this is one of the most crucial elements to silversmithing and once you have mastered this, the pieces you can create are endless. We’ll make various components which we’ll finish in the final week.


Week 4

We’ll take all of your wonderfully sawn out pieces from the previous week and add textures, effects, file, polish and assemble into beautiful shiny wearable jewellery.