5 Day intermediate workshop

5 Day intermediate workshop


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What’s included - Everything is provided for the projects listed. Extra metal can be purchased on the day if you would like to make your projects larger than advised.
Difficulty level - Intermediate
Class duration - 6 hours approx, classes may run up to an hour longer.
Time - 10.30am every day for 5 days.
Location - Noctua studio, 34 Regent st, L3 7BN

This course is for those who have already taken a few classes with us previously or have taken the three day course. This 5 day class is bursting with specular and breathtaking experiences. We have carefully built each day of your adventure to be creative and informative. The full day by day schedule is listed below.

Lunch is not provided so please bring your own or delicious sandwiches and coffee can be purchased from the Italian cafe.

Payment plans are available for this class, please contact us on noctuajewellery@gmail.com for more information.

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sand casting workshop

Day 1

On your first day we’re going to get your heart rate going by bringing out the big blowtorch to do some sand casting. Sand casting is where we use a fine sand to create a mould from a small object, this could be a seed, shell, a much loved trinket or anything small and robust. We’ll then heat the silver till it’s molten (the really flipping exciting bit!) and then pour your metal into the mould. A little cleaning up later and you’ll have a ready to wear piece cast yourself! We’ll show you how to safely set up a soldering area and how to do daily checks on your equipment. Whilst you’re waiting for your turn to do the sand casting we’ll be hammering away and creating fold formed pieces which can be turned into objects or jewellery.

silver chain making

Day 2

On your second day we’ll be focusing on chain and component making. In the photo shown this is one of thousands of style chain you could create, we’ll help you design your very own plus you can add semi precious beads and you’ll forge your very own clasp. This will truly perfect your clean up and soldering skills ready for the projects ahead.


Day 3

During your third day we’ll spend a few hours perfecting flush and tube setting plus we’ll show you how to make your own tools to use for this setting which you’ll get to take home. Once you’ve mastered the setting you’ll make a simple piece of jewellery with your choice of flush or stone setting feature.

free form stone setting

Day 4

Spend the first part of your morning sifting through stone collection which is filled to the brim with vibrant natural colours and unique shapes. You can opt for a cut or uncut stone like the one pictured. Pick out your favourite one and we’ll get to work on making it into a beautiful piece of jewellery. We’ll be building on your existing stone setting skills by using thicker bezel wire, adding texture to your backplate and you can even add a border and decoration too.


Day 5

The final day! We will have spent the first few days building up your skills to make you into a kick-ass intermediate silversmith. You’ll be confident and beaming with your new skills and now it’s time to implement them into your final project, locket making! You’ll spend some time designing your locket, deciding how many layers to add, wether or not you want stones, maybe add a little texture or even a surprise element inside. We’ll show you start to finish how to whip up an incredible, fully functioning locket in a single day.