Three day intensive course

Three day intensive course


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Our most intense beginners course yet! This course will run for three consecutive full days from 11am-5pm (may go on up to 2 hours longer and may sometimes finish earlier if you complete all of the set tasks earlier than planned).

The first day will be learning everything there is to know about the creation of rings, this will include designing your own rings, all of the intricacies of sizing, forming the wire ready for soldering, the soldering itself, shaping and texturing, pickling, and finishing the rings.

On the second day, you will learn to master the jeweller's saw, cutting out silhouettes to make pendants, earrings, or even just as a shape on it's own. You may also learn about turning your 2D pieces into 3D pieces, adding texture and soldering multiple components together.

And on the final day, you will learn how to create your own settings for any shape and size cabochon stones (Excludes extra tiny stones or extra large stones) . Feel free to bring your own stone, although extra silver may be needed for stones larger than the ones we provide.

£400 per person, this will include enough silver for all of the above and one stone from a selection.

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