Who we are…

We are Britt and Andrew. Britt’s journey with jewellery making started in 2012 as a hobby which has slowly blossomed into what it is today, Noctua Jewellery & Workshops. Andrew joined Britt in September 2017 helping out with workshops and learning about the business.



My love for jewellery started when I was a child and a relative bought me a beading kit. I must have made hundreds of bracelets and even sold a few to my neighbours (Clearly I was a business mogul from a young age selling £2 bracelets, Alan sugar move over). I delved in and out of jewellery making till I was 15 and finally discovered the holy grail of jewellery making, silversmithing. Much to my fathers delight I purchased a blowtorch and other tools online and then began practicing at home, continuously saving up for new tools and books. After many attempts both failed and successful I decided to find an apprenticeship, I spent over a year searching and eventually found one, 358 miles from home in beautiful Cornwall. My dad took me down to Cornwall for a couple of days to have my interview and look around the local village I would be living in, I loved it and then got the job. I returned in February 2017 with a drive to give other people the joy of making their own silver jewellery. I didn’t think so many people would be interested and assumed this would be something I would do once a month alongside my jewellery making however I could not have been more wrong. I love teaching as much as I love learning and making my own jewellery, it is the most satisfying and rewarding job I could have ever hoped for.


I met Britt pretty much as soon as she moved home from Cornwall and from there she introduced me to jewellery. After we had begun dating she asked me to make a ring so she could take some photos for her website, if i’m honest I had no interest in making jewellery whatsoever but thought why not? I found it actually really interesting and had no idea how much work, both physically and mentally went into making jewellery the traditional way. As I took a keen interest after that Britt started showing me more things to make, I quickly took it up and made things for relatives and for Britt. At this time I was working as a website developer, but the 9 to 5 gig wasn’t really cutting it for me, I had never imagined myself working with Britt but when she asked for help with some weekend workshops I was keen to help out. One thing led to another and I found myself quitting my job in June 2018 and started work full-time at Noctua. It’s been an amazing (and quite frankly scary) experience changing my entire career but I wouldn’t change a thing, it has given me such a varied lifestyle to say the least.